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I'm a professional violinist in Los Angeles. About a month before the Covid19 quarantine began, I ordered a sewing machine and started learning how to sew, mostly with youtube videos. My first project was to make a pair of pants that I liked. I was frustrated with what felt like a world filled only with skinny jeans. Skinny slacks, skinny cropped pants, etc. My name is Julie and I don't like wearing stretch! Or anything skintight for that matter. 

After I made my pants (first picture after the purple dress), I started to think about what I wanted out of fashion. At work (recording studios and concert halls), I have a reputation for wearing interesting things. People have often commented positively and enthusiastically on my clothing choices. What I like to wear, and what makes me feel good are clothes that are beautiful and well made and interesting to me. 

I am a bit of a loner, and quite shy, naturally. But I love having friends as well. In hindsight, I believe that wearing clothes that were interesting was my "hello" to people, my way of inviting them to start a conversation because I was too shy to say anything first. My husband calls me a shy extrovert.

I also am not a fan of how the media portrays powerful women. It seems to be in one of two ways: either wearing tailored and skintight pants or a skirt suit that is based on what mens' suits look like, or wearing a skin tight dress that goes down to the knee. If it was eight inches shorter it would be a cocktail dress. Neither of these, to me, scream power. They are saying I'm trying to look like a man, or I'm trying to use my body to make you respect me.

I want to make and wear clothes that women (and men!) want to wear and feel great while they're wearing them. I want to make clothes that are flattering, but not "body-con".  I want to  draw attention to the wearer's personality and character and face, with clothes that are interesting and fit well without drawing sexual attention.

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Fabric Facts

My plan (and what is happening thus far) is to use remnants for as many items as possible. As I am new to this whole design world, I have been learning a great deal about a vast range of topics. A big one is using fabric that doesn't make the world a worse place. So instead of custom-making fabric or buying new bolts, I'm using remnants. No waste! Or much less waste, at least. 

This comes with a couple of issues though. The biggest one (to me) is that sometimes the ideal fabric has a less that ideal amount remaining. Therefore only a certain number of pieces can be made from it. And then it's gone. Can't reorder more of something that doesn't exist anymore. 

I will absolutely do my best to find another fabric as similar as possible, but chances are it won't be perfectly the same as the other. 

Please take care to make sure the item you want to buy (so excited to write this!) is available in the fabric you want. 

Also, to be clear, not everything is made from remnants. The puffies and giraffes are not, for instance. Anything denim-y is/will be remnants.

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