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My name is Julie and I love these pants! I've worn them for concerts as well as to sessions and around the house. I really really don't like skinny jeans/pants/leggings, which probably stemmed from my looking terrible in them, becasue I don't have skinny thighs. I think my legs in general are fine, but the skinny pants genre is not flattering on me. So.... Concert Pants to the rescue! 


Also, these pictures are misleading in that the real Concert Pants are only on Stephanie, not Andray. (He is wearing Julie-Pants, named that because they were the very first thing I ever made.) I will endeaver to get better pictures of them up here soon!


They have elastic around the ankle part, so you can adjust the length up to about 5 inches before they start looking bulky (which I personally don't even hate).


They also have a bit of a streetwear vibe that I also love. 


The men's version is the same, except for the zipper-fly, which is on the left, like men's pants are.


Obviously, Concert Pants are in black. But! I've been doing them in different fabrics too. There are a couple of Rooster print pants that are adorable. They have a slight pajama vibe, but I quite like that about them. Feel free to email or dm me to see what color, sizes are available. 


S fits 0-6, M 6-10, L 10-14. And for those of us who are of larger hips compared to waist, I'd encourage you to give these a try. Seriously. Several of my friends were highly skeptical but tried them and love them.


 Wash/dry-able on delicate/gentle.

Concert Pants

  •   Waist Length
    XS 13 39
    S 14 1/2 43
    M 16 44


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