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These are stunning coats, if i do say so. I only make 2-4 in any given fabric, and that fabric is special. With the parakeet fabric here on Alex and Songa, there is 1 left in the black, and 2 in the white. The black and white one on me is unavailable.  I'm on the hunt for worthy fabrics, so check back from time to time or email me to see if anything new is ready yet. 


It's a flowy, has a nice-weight-to-it, and pockets, of course.  They're not particularly coats for warmth, more for fashion. Sometimes I'll put one button at the top, sometimes not. 


It goes with just everything. Jeans, short dresses, long dresses, wide-legged pants, etc. You will not fail to get noticed and complimented in this coat.

Opera Coat

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