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What you wear can be a big part of how you present yourself to the world.  Clothes can change your mood and affect how people react to you.  It's often surprising, when I'm wearing something I love and feel great in, how differently people react to me.  It perpetuates my good feelings and it becomes a positive feedback loop.


Having this kind of experience definitely influenced why I wanted to make clothes in the first place.  I want women to have clothing options that make them feel good in the world, to have outfits that express style and character, and to have the freedom of feeling beautiful without being sexualized. 

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I am a bit of a loner by nature. Chit-chatting is torturous for me.  In hindsight I believe that wearing interesting clothes was my "hello" to people, my way of inviting them to start a conversation because I was too shy to say anything first.  My husband calls me a shy extrovert.

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I'm a professional violinist in Los Angeles.  This career has been tricky at times because in regular life I'm quite shy and uncomfortable bringing attention to myself, but as a performer, I crave it.


Both in life and on stage it's difficult to find clothes that are flattering and attractive without being skintight/low-cut/etc.  I neither feel bad about my body shape, nor want it to be the focus.  I want women (and men!) to be able to look great without their body being on display.

The shark dress stemmed from a desire to make an interesting and stylish dress or top that brings attention to the wearer's face without going crazy with giant shoulder pads or a deep v-neck. 

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A quick note regarding the Baby Shark Dress; the "Shark Collar" (also on the Singasonga) is currently patent -pending! Very exciting!

When I had my friends try on the samples, almost all were skeptical at first, but game to try.  Once it was on they loved it.  Some common adjectives were stylish, fun, and sassy. A trifecta, in my opinion!

When I put on an outfit that I love and that is original and interesting, I feel both powerful and charming.  I feel like the day now has better possibilities.  To me, that's a lovely way to start a day. 



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